Event Date: October 1, 2017

Schedule of Heats & How the Race Works

Schedule of Heats & How the Race Works

The Navy Mile is a one-mile race that is held in heats, meaning that racers are grouped by age and ability, and run their mile according to that grouping. All heats are for the full one-mile course on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Here is how to choose The Navy Mile race registration category best for you:

Family Fun Run/Walk: This race registration category is for those who would like to run with their family members of various ages, such as parents with their children, and are not particularly concerned with their one-mile race time. All minors under the age of 13 should be registered in this category and should be accompanied by an adult runner. Adults can run in both the Family Fun Run/Walk and the Open race. Register first for the Open race and you will be given the option to add the Family Fun Run for an additional, discounted $5. Family Fun Run registration on its own is a discounted $10, with the option to add a race t-shirt for an additional $10. 

Open: The Open race category is for running enthusiasts who are eager to have their one-mile race time officially recorded and considered for placement and awards. Racers will be placed in heats according to their age and gender. See the schedule of heats below for detailed categorization. Open registration includes an official race t-shirt (size preference subject to availability). Open registration prices gradually increase up until race day and are capped at 300 participants per heat, so register today to secure a low price and your spot! 

Active Duty: Active Duty racers will compete in their age and gender Open heats, receiving all benefits of the Open race, but receive a discounted race registration of $20. 

Paralympic: Paralympic and Wounded Warrior racers, both those with and without wheelchairs, will race in heats with their mile times officially recorded and considered for placement and awards. To enter these heats, please contact us

Sea Cadets: Youth participants in the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC) program, one of The Navy Mile's official charity partners, will be honored in their own youth heat. Sea Cadets run as teams within the heat, with the top three teams winning cash money awards. Sea Cadets receive a discounted race registration of $10. 

Elite Heats: Serious runners with qualifying times of 5:30 for females and 4:40 for males are invited to run in the elite heats, one for women and one for men. The elite heats are limited to 50 participants each. To enter these heats, please contact us

Here is The Navy Mile schedule of heats on race day. 

Heat #Start TimeCategory
1 8:00 AM Fun run/walk
2 8:30 AM Males and Females 13-19
3 8:45 AM Males and Females 20-29
4 9:00 AM Males and Females 30-39
5 9:15 AM Males and Females 40-49
6 9:30 AM Males and Females 50-59
7 9:45 AM Males and Females 60-69
8 10:00 AM Males and Females 70+
9 10:30 AM Paralympians (including wheelchairs)
10 10:45 AM Sea Cadets
11 11:00 AM Elite Females
12 11:15 AM Elite Males

Notes: Some heats contain multiple age groups. 

Charity Partners

A Great Cause

By participating in this race you will be supporting the Naval Sea Cadet Corps and the Safe Harbor Foundation. You will run for fun and for a great cause!